Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is a short Biography. Me in a breath.

I was conceived one drunken condomless night.

An unwanted fetus I breezed by without being aborted by the teeth of my unformed skin and by my frightened wonderful mother.

I was born on October 3 1987. My mother was in the middle of a complex relationship and planned to give me up for adoption but at the last moment instead decided to be a part of my life.

She and I moved out of sate to live with my great aunt while my mom got her bearings together.
In 1990 my mom married her high school sweetheart and gave me a dad.

In 1991 while my parents were still getting each other though college, my first sibling was born. A girl. Two years later my parents finished school and my dad became the proud father of his first son.

We moved further South out into the country where my dad began a job working for the City and my mom stayed at home, homeschooling us children, neither of them using their college educations.

In the next ten years my mom gave birth to four more children, all at home, and my dad switched jobs twice. In these years my parents inherited some money and built their dream house which we moved out of after four years because the upkeep expenses were too high and the location too close to the city. We moved into a large log cabin deep in the woods. We children were raised on Laura Ingles Wild, whole food, fresh air. We worked hard and we played hard.

When I was fourteen my mom sent me to Private school because I was falling far behind my grade level.

In school I discovered interaction with me peers at a new level. Prior to my childhood I was more confident. After getting into some minor trouble at the after school program I attended, my parents sent me to a Christian school where I graduated two years later (2005)…a year early!

During school I traveled the” U.S” of “A.” with my then boy friend with his family. They were on a Religious quest for physical and mental miraculous healings and were painting Auto Zones and Circuit City’s.

The summer after school I traveled alone out of the country.

That same fall..I married my high school sweetheart and we traveled around the world
for six months for our honeymoon.

In 2007 I gave birth to my first (and only) son. He spent the first eight weeks of his life in the hospital from complications associated with Down’s Syndrome. He had very poor muscle tone, enough that his airway was now strong enough to inflate properly. He had several machines connected to his body and could not participate in his second favorite activity…eating. At three months old, while at home and still connected to several machines he removed the trech from his throat in the middle of the night. My husband heard the alarms go off…but he had already lost consciousness. The paramedics who arrived accidently caused his breathing to stop completely and it was not resorted until 20 minutes later in the hospital. He was in a severe coma for three days until we took him off life support. He died minutes later.

Now more than a year later I travel the South of The United States working for my husband with his brothers and a close friend and art modeling. I take personal time to pursue my future goal of writing and plan to do a mild amount of film acting in my near future.