Monday, December 1, 2008

"Pretty Ribbons"

Each quote I have recorded is taken from "Pretty Ribbons". The edition I am quoting from was edited by Hans- Michael Herzog.

"She seems fully collected, comcentrated, totally at one with herself and content to accept her own existance. Nettie has no message to proclaim. Surely she knows that her body commands a more elequent lanuage then her tougue could ever speak."

"Nettie carried the touchingly innocent, natural grace of a young girl with her into her old age. Nevertheless, her posture, gestures, and facial expressions remind us again and again how well aware she is of her staged self-depliction."

"Nettie's sexuality is a matter of interest as well, most notably in the photographs showing her together with male models who are usually nude. Now without a certain amount of vanity and coquettishness. Nettie's body signals that she is aware of its sensual qualities and quite capable of putting them to use. These pictures are disturbing and shocking in a society which encloses sex in old age firmly in taboo and which is only now beginning to examine this issue, truly an everyday concern, in all of its social ramifications."
" the color photograph showing the severly wrinkled area around Nettie's eyes, with its rays of wrinkles bursting fourth triumphantly in every direction. Here, Nettie's countless wrinkles and folds, features generally seen as ugly in the conventional veiw, are transformed effortlessly into an image full of inner beauty."