Wednesday, July 1, 2009



  1. Wow,you are an amazing model. I notice your profile said you were a painter but I don't see any paintings on your page. I actually came across your profile while searching a person named Bettie Madger Harris from Montreal, Quebec well thats were I think she lived last. You are definately not her because she would have to be oh say 90 now. Maybe you are related? Anyway check out my art at

  2. Thanks! I've never heard of Bettie Harris. But there seem to be many Harris's in Quebec.

    I paint houses and buildings not paintings! Hhehe...I did want to do a kid and I draw for fun and then I draw the line at that!

    I have not heard of Bettie..what does or did she do?

  3. Marcus! You are looking for Nettie Mandger Harris! How did I not notice this??! Donigan Cumming shot her so if you google his name you will find her!

  4. I might start picking up a camera if only so I can be ready if you ever come to NYC...

    yupp =]